Maintenance website message

maintenance website message

We will be performing some planned maintenance on the Ning Platform on via a Broadcast Message or notice on the Main Page of your network. We'll need to take the site down at 10 p.m. Pacific for about 4 hours during. Server maintenance on important systems should be communicated at least a week be down, use a 3 rd party online status website such as StatusPage or Constant Status. Important Information to Include in Your Message. Rashmi Sinha from Slideshare asked (on Twitter) for inputs on creative site maintenance messages and I thought I will take a shot at a few of. Thanks for choosing to leave a comment. Why and When Do You Need a Maintenance Page in WordPress? Quora discusson on writing maintenance and downtime announcements Best Practices from Constant Status Examples of Effective Maintenance Pages from Smashing Magazine And some status websites, for when your own site is offline: Feel free to make use of the language below, filling in your network details. An instant feedback is important and let the user know that everything is going just fine and someone on the other side is working on the problem and that just a little portion of patience is required. maintenance website message

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Can someone explain why you would ever need a site-down page? Is there anyone who can tell me how to do this, or where can I get this information. Thanks so much guys for helping out. FlashDen claims a 10 second downtime and offers up a cartoonish character doing maintenance on himself to make visitors smile. Comparison Which is the Best WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin? What Channels to Use If possible, communicate the upcoming downtime using multiple channels.


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