Fiverr com scam

fiverr com scam

Fiverr itself is not a scam, no. However, there are most definitely scammers selling gigs on there. So buyer beware. Here's a good read on my experience and how to. is fiverr a legit website or a scam So, you hear that you can buy all sorts of services on fiverr for just $5 – but maybe you've heard bad things. I've been a 5-star seller on Fiverr since I have almost positive reviews and have been a great member with a great seller reputation. Even with that.

Fiverr com scam - making

I called them out and they deleted my account. Owning a consulting agency of my own, I know that you have to explore multiple channels to find high quality clients. Another seller was 4 days late, delivered completely unusable logos that didn't follow the prompt whatsoever! Surely if shouod be refunded anyway. We can contact them in 90 days to get our refund. Again, I learned first hand. Do Brain Pills Really Work? fiverr com scam Threw a gig up on fiverr for doing products reviews and promotional call to action videos just to see if anything happened. I had a problem with a seller delivering a web site template that was nothing at all like what I had requested. Fiverr has the capability to impress you, dissatisfy you and also entertain you. But is Fiverr a scam? I request a full refund to my money is this a scam??



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Fiverr com scam I've had 28 orders and all but two were very satisfactory. What You Need to Know to Stay Safe. Avoid this company on linkedin and around the internet, there company name is Ensurity Group Inc https: I have covered it all in detail here:. Log into your account.
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