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There are plenty of reasons why you'd want Googlebot to recrawl your website ahead of schedule. Maybe you've cleaned up a malware attack. Here are the basics of how website content is crawled and indexed, plus some So submit your website URL to Google by signing into your Google Account and .. If I change the permalink of a post and want to re-index it, is it possible?. If you have an old, established site, chances are you've done something in the last few years that is no longer effective or, potentially. Make a plan for updating old local citation builder So what have we learned about indexing so far? With new sites taking time to index, i have just today added a blog page to all. Those are my graphs. I have found this blog via Google. In Search Console, click on your website. That average plummeted to 14 minutes. Today, keyword and meta tag stuffing will get you penalized, not rewarded.


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What should i do? These include things like quality inbound links, social signals though not directly , and valid code on all your pages. This article is exactly what I was looking for! Do you want more organic search traffic to your site? Add a sitemap plugin to get Google to index your site Step 8: Regardless, you could also check this post on " forcing rewcrawls ", I haven't tried it myself but it's worth a shot if you're desperate. Anforderungen Sie können nur dann mittels "Abruf wie durch Google" eine Indexierung beantragen, wenn der Abruf die folgenden Kriterien erfüllt: