Generating referrals

generating referrals

Discover seven effective tips on how to generate valuable referrals from your existing clients. You're most powerful salespeople are your advocates – your customers that are generating business referrals and positively raving about your. A few important tactics could increase the number of referrals you receive, and can keep them coming.


The 3 R's For Generating More Referrals generating referrals

Generating referrals - people who

Usually, your customers want to help you, as well as others that they know and care about. Not only does this provide you with a permanent, published list of written business referrals, you also get a throng of free salespeople selling your product for you. Rather than ask and hope that they find the time to follow through, be more proactive in your approach by eliminating some of the heavy lifting for them. Learn my top tips to price, position, and promote your freelance consulting business. One email per week.