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To learn more, see Google Data APIs Authentication Overview. Ajax Search API: A programming interface that lets you put Google search. A glossary is a set of terms with translations, definitions, and notes. You may find it helpful to use a glossary if your translation contains special or uncommon. Google Charts does not call them "x" and "y" axes because this would be ambiguous: Google Charts allows the user to break the traditional.

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Query A request for information issued against a database. You can use a simple text editor or a spreadsheet editor to create and edit a TSV file. When you're finished creating your glossary, download it as a CSV file. Read more about the style column role in What Roles are Available? Container-bound Scripts Effective user The user Google account under whose identity a script executes. Read more at DataView Class. Cost-per-click or CPC can be seen in the Acquisition reports and typically refers step step people clicking through to your website from paid ads. In the Google Analytics pages report, by default, your pages are ordered by popularity based on pageviews. HTTP is a standard for sending and retrieving documents over the internet. Bounce rate can provide top-level google glossary about the performance of your content. Google's reporting and dashboarding tool allows you to present and visualize data from Google Analytics, Google Sheets and other data sources. A DataView can serve as a data source for Google Charts, but unlike a DataTableit is read-only.


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