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google big daddy

In case you haven't already seen it, Matt Cutts' report on Google's Bigdaddy updates is pretty good reading. Bigdaddy is a major infrastructure. In December , Google began to roll out what they called the “ Big Daddy ” update, and by the end of March it had been fully deployed. Das Google Big Daddy Update wurde bereits Ende ausgespielt, zuerst im englischsprachigen Raum, im Anschluss daran auch für andere Sprachräume.

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The pages are written with unique content, we send a lot of time developing good links on very relvant websites. We still need to find more of those one-way on-topic inbound links to get more of our pages in the index. February 1, at February 8, at 6: Most of these rankings were 1.

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Hi Matt, May I know when will we can see the update of our PR on the google toolbar? Die Hauptsache aller Veränderungen spielte sich auch tatsächlich in diesem Bereich ab — Big Daddy zielte also ursächlich auf unnatürliche Verlinkungen bei Webseiten. We still need to find more of those one-way on-topic inbound links to get more of our pages in the index. If the age is a better factor then what steps should be taken to promote new sites, I heard that new sites have gone to Sandbox due to improper promotions. I have worked non stop since December 13 when the rankings disappeared from the 1 position and added a lot of new content. google big daddy

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Google big daddy March 22, at 4: March 8, at Since writing this article, it occured to me that I may have jumped to the wrong conclusion as to what Google is actually doing with the Big Daddy update. RSS feed for comments on this post. Is there any reason for this and can we expect the same level of indexing as we see on current data centers?
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