How to make an ask blog on tumblr

how to make an ask blog on tumblr

Q: How to choose the charater? A: Choose a characer/pairing, that you can draw and roleplay the easiest, if you cosplay, choose one, who you have cosplays. Blogs can be a great way for businesses to communicate with customers and clients 3 How to Add an About Me Page on Tumblr ; 4 How to Make a Page Tag on Tumblr A link to your Ask page is automatically added to your Tumblr blog. I'm assuming you want to know how to make an askblog like the ones I have. *****Do not worry about making an askblog for a character that already has an This one is totally up to you, but my favorite is the tumblr theme Redux since it's.


Create blog on Tumblr - tutorial ( 2015. )

How to make an ask blog on tumblr - SEO

College AU Word Count: You are giving me your time and the opportunity to continue to hone and grow my abilities with the written word. A general rule of thumb is to have your main series name, an abbreviation for your series, and the name of related characters in the ask. This post may contain sensitive media. If you need help, just try imagining their worst enemy — someone whose every word or action elicits the best eye-rolls and sarcastic remarks and even a middle finger or two — and ask yourself, what about this person makes them that mortal enemy? I use it as a test tool, not as a learning one! Make the blog anyways. how to make an ask blog on tumblr