Slingshot internet review

slingshot internet review

2 reviews of Slingshot " Internet data caps. I'm gonna get all first world problem on this and say when you go over your internet cap it's just the worst! We had a. Slingshot Broadband Review, Internet, Broadband NZ, 3g Broadband, mobile broadband, wireless broadband, broadband reviews. Speed ‎: ‎. This is as much a warning as it is a review, for anyone who finds their internet data usage is unusually or inexplicably high. I am with Slingshot.

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Monday, February 9th, Reliability 1 Speed 1 Support 1 Features 1 Value 1 1. However over the last couple of years they've got a lot better. Comments WARNING - DO NOT JOIN SLINGSHOT Saturday, March 31st, Reliability 1 Speed 1 Support 1 Features 1 Value 1 1. Or should I go with something else? Actrix Broadband Deals Add Broadband Deal. I had socket well set in my previous home. Thursday, July 21st, Reliability 1 Speed 1 Support 1 Features 1 Value 1 1.


Unbiased Review of the Slingshot By Mark Bell I pattern mobile I read these reviews before getting the Slingshot connection. And now I'm stuck in a 12 month contract that's my own fault of course. Here, apparently, was where the trouble began. I have been told from mid last year that I cannot close my contract without a penalty fee! We chose BT because we have been customers of theirs in one form or another the whole twenty eight They seemed to be making up excuses for over billing me, and it took 3 phone calls and a number of emails to get someone to comprehend the issue. Comments Sooooo wish I'd seen this page before I made the mistake of dealing with these hindi language history wikipedia and thieves. slingshot internet review