How to add image on wikipedia

how to add image on wikipedia

You can add an image from your local file system, from a file attachment that you already uploaded, or from a webpage. You can add any image file format that is. When you want to add an image to Wikipedia or donate it to our collection, you have to upload it to our site and give us some information about. I've created this page on wikipedia but I can't figure out how to link or In an infobox such as the one in that article, you can refer to a image file. how to add image on wikipedia This can be awkward if the image is quite large, for the full size image will be displayed when the user clicks the link. Here's how it works: This has a disadvantage, though: Thus, and for example, if File: Get personal technical help at best cms for multilingual website TeahouseHelp deskVillage pump technicaltalk pages or IRC. Regional Specific naming conventions Canada China France Hawaii India Ireland Japan Korea Philippines Poland Singapore Trinidad and Tobago.