Parent page wordpress

parent page wordpress

4 Page Templates; 5 The Dynamic Nature of WordPress Pages Another parent Page "South America" would feature subpages of Argentina, Brazil and Chile. WordPress - How to Parent a Page - What is a Parent. How to create parent and child pages in wordpress. Parent and child pages in wordpress. Confused about.


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In diesem Beitrag archiviere ich das Snippet um den Permalink zur ├╝bergeordneten Seite auszugeben. Pages live outside of the normal blog chronology, and are often used to present timeless information about yourself or your site -- information that is always relevant. See Custom Page Templates for instructions on how to create a custom template file for a Page. This plugin displays a drop down menu in the admin dashboard that allows you to filter the page list by their parent page. With the Twenty Eleven theme activated, it would look like this:. Almost everything in WordPress is generated dynamically, including Pages. parent page wordpress