Setting up a forum

setting up a forum

Creating a forum on your website can benefit your online presence in many ways. With Wix Forum; you can build a forum in minutes and grow. How to Create a Forum - Super Easy method shows you how to setup your own forum in just 10 minutes. By their nature, forums create unique content on a regular basis. In the best case scenario, content is added several times a day, more frequently than any other. setting up a forum I see that this post is from and I am unsure if this was around then, but Automattic creators of wordpress have a great forum software called bbpress. Great article Yaro, thank you! Find out who is responsible for all the mayhem. If you have some knowledge of editing files then follow this guide to help create a bbpress. Now we have some forums, we need to have somewhere to display .


How to Set Up Drupal 7 Forums with the Advanced Forum Module