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view mentions twitter

Other People's Mentions on Twitter app for iPhone and such but I could only see it being done this way as far as the Twitter app goes. Hi there, We're still using free-trial but we're planning to use it for our company social media. If you've an account on Twitter, then you can easily check the timeline, followers list and following list of someone's profile. But twitter doesn't.


How To Do At Mentions On Twitter Another common way that people will mention brands content writing topics Twitter is with a hashtag, especially if your brand is well known. You can then export this information into a report and use it to evaluate the success of a campaign or use this information to actively segment and target users of. Events From webinars to workshops, meet some of the crew, clients and partners behind Audiense. Thanks and warm regards, Wynne. You are using an outdated browser. The first technique involves good old fashioned searching. But, we couldnt find how to check if there is new comments, likes, or mentions from our customers.

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Using Instagram's Suite of Apps for Business Sprout Social https: Open any tweet of desired profile, then click on the small white arrow to open his profile. Leave a comment and let us know! This increases the likelihood of readers giving the Sprout Social Twitter account a mention when they share our blog posts. So instead, the company abbreviated the handle to SEJournal. How can you better manage socialmedia in ? view mentions twitter