In computer science, canonicalization (sometimes standardization or normalization) is a process for converting data that has more than one possible  ‎ Usage cases · ‎ See also · ‎ References · ‎ External links. In information technology, canonicalization (pronounced KAH-nahn-nihk-uhl-ih- ZAY-shun) is the process of making something canonical -- that is. On Canonicalized we provide real answers to pressing questions. Creating no- nonsense content designed to help online businesses make informed decisions.


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However, Your test DC shows URL only for the index page of site 2, fully indexed pages for site 2 UNDER the site: From what I have read it seems having both domain names for the same site show up in google could cause problems for the site, if this is true what can I do to prevent any problems? I tried for url canonicalization for my site and i have succeeded. Computer Science View All. My ranking has gone down a lot since I changed it. Neither of these match the external link to the home page in the format http: Matt, Great and extremely informative write up once. January 31, at 6: Or am I as usual missing something simple stupid here? Lifehacks for Network Techs: One of my older sites has a mix of www and non www internal links. No follow links wordpress have this feature built in?