Cool business card titles

cool business card titles

We did these with our Slashdot business cards, and I saw several others with interesting titles at both LWCE's last year. Anyone care to share. Why You Shouldn't Include Your Job Title on Your Business Card If you believe it is necessary to include a title on your business card, get creative so that you. Because we're in a creative economy, your people are your [. Here are a few of my favorite creative titles, along with what the “traditional” version Creator of opportunities - SVP of business development - Allen & Gerritsen.

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Like what you're reading? Like us on FB for more! Stock quotes by finanzen. Whether to include a job title on your business card will depend on many factors: Tags best business cards , business card , business card design , business card ideas , business card inspiration , business cards , creative business cards , open-list. This caused the Internal Revenue Service considerable headache and once they sent a man to remonstrate with him. I'd recommend a blank white card, left justified, Helvetica, with your name in bold.

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Mine say "Mostly Harmless". My mother lists herself as an alchemist, but my favorite is still the guy down the street who is listed in the local directory as a political hack. Along the same lines as notyou's, how about "That Woman You Met At That Thing"? We have sent an email to the address you provided with an activation link. It will certainly guarantee your cards will end up in the dork bucket. Next we assist you with deciding whether you need a map on your business card or not. Name Card Design Letterpress Business Cards Floor Plans Branding Brand Identity 2d Design Sensitivity Card Templates Forward.


Top 30 Most Creative Business Cards Ever You don't have a business card? I understand that's a half answer at best, but it's earnest in intent. If someone hands me a card like this, the person goes into my "dork bucket. These are really just a way to get my email address into the hands of people I meet in person, and maybe cause a chuckle or two - I'm not worried about professionalism or. Stock quotes by finanzen. I Use Gel Pens To Create Colorful Art 6 comments 77 points. The only exception I where to find freelance writing jobs think of is if naval officers are still exchanging calls, but that may have fallen out of use entirely . cool business card titles