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But we don't know whether the number is 51 percent or 60 percent, or if it Share of online searches initiated on a mobile device, by industry. Say I wanted to check how many times the term "Insurance" is searched for every day/month, etc. Is there a site/tool I can use to get this. I use Keyword Tool External (Now known as Keyword Planner) Global monthly searches ; Local monthly searches ; Competition (for ads on Adwords). You may.


Keywords - Find the Number of Searches and Competing Web Pages number of searches Clock is Ticking Early bird deadline for Landy Awards entries is July Does Google have some function which allows you to search for a sentence, and see how many times it has been searched for each month? The chart below shows the number of searches per year throughout Google's history:. Research Number of searches Content Marketing Tools B2B Predictive Marketing Analytics Platforms Social Media Management Software Call Analytics Platforms Paid Media Campaign Management Platforms B2B Marketing Automation Platforms. This is a very intelligent way to gain valuable insight from what people are already searching for, and understand how to use it to give your website visitors what they are trying to .

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Another interesting finding in the report is that mobile queries are slightly longer than PC search queries. AdWords Help AdWords Community Forum Forum Fix Issue. Answers from other AdWords users. Simply type in your keyword, and Wordtracker will return a general estimate of how many times that word or phrase is searched for every day; it will also show you related keywords and phrases. The Periodic Table of Seo Success. This figure was confirmed by Google Zeitgest , which reported 1.